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e-health and Telecare Services

  • Netwell (Ireland)
  • e-health service for physical activity monitoring (United Kingdom)
  • Virtual Doctor Tender
  • Telecardio Service Tender

Ambient Assisted Living Environments

  • Gerontechnology Lab (Italy)
  • Independent Living Lab (Italy)
  • Smart Living Control Platform (Italy)

European Projects

  • Happy Walker

e-health and Telecare Services

NETWELL (Dundalk - Ireland): pilot demonstrator of applications and services aimed at the elderly home environment.

e-health service for physical activity monitoring (Active4Life, North Yorkshire - united Kingdom)

QUEENS (Belfast - Northern Ireland): telemonitoring service with Blood Pressure Remote Monitoring and Drugs Reminder platform for elderly people with specific chronic diseases.

Virtual Doctor Tender – INRCA Ancona (Italy): In April 2013 I+ won the Virtual Doctor tender from INRCA - Ancona. DGHome is the platform enabling a Telemonitoring service on CHF (Chronic Heath Failure) patients with particular attention to those with higher risk of disease exacerbation.

Telecardio Service Tender (Sezana - Slovenia): In September 2013 I+ was selected on a public tender for building cross-border and interregional Telemonitoring service within the cooperation program  between Italia and Slovenia. DGHome is the platform enabling a multiparametric monitoring system for patients affected by cardiac disease during physical training or during working activities, aiming at evaluating adherence and efficacy of rehabilitative programme.

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Gerontechnology Lab for cognitive disabled people (Stella del Colle Alzheimer Daily Center, Florence - Italy)

Independent Living Lab for physically disabled people (Arezzo - Italy).

Smart Living Control Platform (Nursing Homes Pie Disposizioni, Siena - Italy)

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ROSETTA (The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany)(AAL-2008-1-143) The objective of ROSETTA is to help community dwelling people with progressive chronic disabilities (i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease) to retain their autonomy and quality of life as much as possible and to support their (in)formal caregivers by developing and providing an ICT system that offers activity guidance and awareness services for independent living.

CHIRON (ARTEMIS) The CHIRON Project is aiming at exploiting the enormous contribution ICT can give in making possible a radical change in healthcare through: a) An overall, integrated system architecture realizing a “continuum of care” i.e., addressing in an integrated approach health management at home, in the hospital and in a nomadic environment where health is addressed not as the management of episodic events but as a value the single person and the whole community have to build and to preserve; b)A “person-centric approach” where the needs of the citizens, the medical professionals and the whole community are at the core of the design and the uniqueness of each user is fully recognized (“personalized healthcare”);

VERITAS (Cont. Numb. 247765) VERITAS aims to develop, validate and access an open framework for built-in accessibility support at all stages of ICT and non-ICT product development, including specification, design, development and testing. The goal is to introduce simulation-based and Virtual Reality testing at all stages of assistive technologies product design and development into the automotive, buildings & construction, home automation/domotics, workplace, personal healthcare and entertainment applications areas.

HAPPY WALKER (AAL-2011-4-088)

Happy Walker is an European Research Project presented at the fourth call of the AAL-program (Ambient Assisted Living). This project will contribute substantially to the goal of the European Innovative Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing to increase healthy life expectancy of European citizens with two years by 2020. The Happy Walker presents an innovative idea of an easily accessible and affordable platform facilitating a consistent, intuitive set of mobility enhancement services. The project develops a solution helping the older adults to prolong their mobility for as long as possible by various means of transport, and by enhancing the levels of autonomy and perceived safety. The developed solution "Happy Walker" (HW) is based on the profile, wishes and needs of the older adults and their caregivers. The solution of mobility-maintenance includes a set of core characteristics for the whole group of older adults (60+): is user-friendly, adaptable and personalized to the person's life style and customs, affordable technology and with a set of integrated services. The HW platform is based on recent trends in (mobile) services, and the previous developments by the involved project partners, already tested in other application domains.


The project exploits ICT and other technologies in assessing and treating the Autistic Spectrum Disorder in children in a more "natural" home environment where non-obtrusive techniques will be used.
At the same time the proposed method aims at enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment through its "intensiveness" and "personalization" matching the individual characteristics of the autistic children.
MICHELANGELO project is expected to have impacts  from the medical, social and economic perspectives. The results of its research work will be validated through an exploratory study with autistic children in France and in Italy.

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